Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»
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Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»


The project directions

Signing cities' memorandum, Northern cities forum, 2001

Northern fitness

«The North: the changes afoot»

Identification of the North

This is a direction in the focus of which lies social and physical health of people living in the north communities. This project direction forms necessary conditions and regulations for reproduction of human vital activity in northern environment.
  • initiatives that give an ability to modernize the existing types of leisure (target groups: young people, sport, ecologic and rehabilitation organizations);
  • architecture and design competitions directed to formation and consolidation of the city and region environment.
The direction is devoted to intellectual and educational techniques. They presume intensive development of the human potential in the northern conditions and permit to mobile social groups (young people, scientific manpower, cultural and educational groups) to include themselves to the processes of global and national economy and socio-cultural policy.
  • stock-taking, analysis and development of combined educational resources of the northern cities universities for creating scarce educational programs optimum for northern conditions (e.g. distant learning, network universities, training programs);
  • creating a research group which will be able to make an analysis, monitoring and prognosis of major shortage and the perspectives of the human potential development (especially for youth policy);
  • organizing a system of international cooperation with current science and educational centers in the North (in particular, universities in Oulu Finland, Aberdeen Scotland, Upsaala Sweden, Orhus Denmark, and Bergen Norway)


This is a direction of forming a space of communication in which the basic values and strategic fundamentals for the new stage in settling the North are discussed.
  • creating informational and communicational space (seminars, websites, disputes on different issues) for discussing national and world cultural policy in respect of the North;
  • organizing public discussions about mutual relations, social roles and valuable bases of different social, ethno-confessional and professional communities whose life is continuously concerned with the perspectives of the northern territories;
  • initiation and support of research and creative projects directed to creating a co-dimensioned to a human-being image of the North.
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