Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»
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Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»


Current projects


Forum of the 60th parallel cities is a pilot project, a poly-cultural festival of northern cities. In 2001 in Surgut the Forum of cities has become the first dimensioned experience of the realization of joint northern cities creative projects. The city that receives Forum becomes a platform for presentation of creative ideas and initiatives, «a territory of amusement», a place for discussing different problems and suggesting solutions. Forum program connects with professional and inter-professional interests of its participants and citizens. By this, it lays the basis for future changes in life of city communities.

The First Congress «Northern civilization: formation, problems, perspectives» is a public scientific forum. The aims of it are a support of region formative processes in the zone of the World North, creative of a unified information base. This base will reflect an innovational experience of northern territory development, the models of life arrangement and territorial management which will guarantee the elaboration of a special standard of «northern life». It is a search of common ways of providing a high quality of life in the inclement conditions.

Discussion program «60th years on 60th parallel» includes the series of cultural meetings, disputes, concerts, and exhibitions. They unite in a public joint action which helps to comprehend the experience of a golden decade of 1960th in XX century. We pose a question in the program: how and why experience of sluggish tradition resistance or national violence resistance, ideas of personal or public self-determination, experience of dreams or Utopia, vision of the image of future actualizes at the beginning of XXI century?

Environment project «the city of warmth» is a photo project of formation of city landscape. Black-and-white pictures that reveal the inside of human life can be seen on the elevations of big buildings. Key concepts of the project are states and conditions. State of human soul and streets and city conditions and their interference… We can achieve some different content and different temperature of city community without any reconstructing but simply by dissemination in cement of modern city the visual images of human soul caught by a camera.

«60 parallel» magazine is a special print for people who are occupied with managing the processes in cultural sphere and communication practice. New humanitarian strategies do not appear by themselves, they depend on many different conditions. The level of project competence of professional groups whose energy forms the point of humanitarian break-through takes not the last place in the complex of conditions which transfer the territory into an intelligent one. The magazine serves as a tool in the process of mastering the project competence.

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