Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»
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Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»



Sergey Pereslegin's lecture

The program of international cooperation and communication of northern cities “60 parallel”

Historical information

The program “60th parallel” was triggered by Surgut administration (the department of culture, youth policy and sport, the head Yakov Chernyak) in 2000. The support of sociocultural project activity, communication and cooperation between different northern territories were the primary aims of the Program. The orientation on the formation of the special environment type of northern city life got the Program basic ideology.

In 2001 in Surgut, the First Forum of 60th parallel cities has taken place. Cultural festival, several round-tables about actual educational problems, inter-municipal contacts, youth policy and cultural environment formation went on during several days in the city territory. The signature of several memorandums, having determined perspective circles of the Program participants (Enclosure 1 of memorandums), was the organizational result of the Forum-2001. Cultural program of the forum included a series of photo exhibitions, fashion and performance festivals, cookery, rock and folk music and sport competitions.

There is a real opportunity now to enlarge the Program both as a standpoint of its thematic contents and its identification as a basic sociocultural activity for all Russian North with the international integration aspect.

Basic program foundation

In the historical aspect, actual for the modern situation, the Russian North developing can be divided into several stages. The first one can be called a pioneering stage; the second one is an industrial stage with an extractive production accent. Now we are on the verge of the third stage when the Russian North redeveloping can be realized on the basis of the new model building of a humanitarian (educational, informational and cultural) resources use.

1. The history of the Russian North developing is evidence of the fact that the most active actions in the northern parallels took place in the energization period of Russia foreign policy in the West and Southeast, and also in the reconstruction and consolidation period of the Russian organization. (The role of northern territories is of vital political and economical importance not only for Russia. Canada, similar in the geographical situation, also considers its northern region as a “tie” of the socially state structure.)

2. The modern life models in the North are reiteration of those models that have existed in the central parts of the country. (The watch specificity only underlines this fact.). The resource-intensive life technologies based on the reiteration attempts of really unachieved models arises.

At the same time present life experience in the North, its special climatic, social and economical conditions let consider northern territories as a potential incubator of the innovation life models, developing environment formation and the formation of new models of the inter-territorial and inter-country partnership.

3. The production of the fundamentally new life design supposes the re-orientation from the export and raw material model, account for economical and social and political life structure to the complex alternate based on the flexible combination of raw material and humanitarian resources (informational, educational, partnership and net resources etc.).

4. Living conditions in the North demonstrate with a special clearness the shift necessity from the economy of raw material production and, accordingly, minimal standards of labor force reproduction to the economy of free time including the economy of educational, informational and cultural area.

The former one is necessary for the purposeful formation of northern life environment, “northern standard” of life commensurate to the XXI century.

5. In the international format territories and regions of the northern zone are problematic in the view of natural conditions, on the one hand, but the most conflict-free and obvious platforms for cooperation and partnership, on the other hand.

Thus, the northern areal can be interpreted as problematic and conflict-free, and it’s considered in this terms as a unique experimental area for partnership and net communication formats of various kinds.

Basic program trends

The existing experience of the project and initiative realization in the framework of the program “60th parallel” lets consider it as a potentially proportionate program to the existing global and national challenges.

At the previous stage over twenty cities from five countries took part in the making and advance of the Program initiated by Surgut administration.

They suggest the basic project trends realized within the next few years such as a support, start and approbation of the initiatives and projects being related to:

1. social and physical health of the communities living in the North.

This project layer (the conventional name – “the Northern Fitness”) forms necessary conditions and norms for the reproduction of human life activity in the North conditions.

2. intellectual and educational technologies that suggest intensive development of the human capital in northern conditions; and that let mobile social groups (youth, scientific collectives, cultural and educational groups) take part in the processes of the global and national economy and social and cultural policy.

The second project layer (“North: changes in movement”) forms development conditions of “the human capital” in the context of the global processes defining country life and inter-country cooperation.

3. geocultural processes considering the North specificity and foundations of universal environmental policy, a multicultural and inter-confessionalism dialogue of eclectic communities, that really exist on northern territories, including problem attitudes with scanty nations of the North and cooperation between various waves of northern migration.

The third project layer (“the North identification”) is a condition for the communication area formation where basic value and strategic foundations for the new North development stage are discussed and formulated.

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