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Foundation of development and communication for northern cities «60 parallel»


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Finnish delegation during


Two spots on the globe
A group of mountain-climbers from Surgut and Saint-Petersburg, Victoria Gruzdeva, Vladimir Kalashnikov, Ivan Moshnikov on the threshold of the 2nd international forum “60th parallel” on 11th June went to Alaska to tie together two spots on the globe. Or, rather, to finish the program. In 2001 there was created an international movement “60th parallel” to develop cultural contacts in northern regions. Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Magadan, Anchorage and other northern cities backed up this idea. Then it turned out there were mountains on the 60th parallel. So, they thought of parallel, simultaneous ascension on the highest mountains on this parallel – Narodnaya mountain, Polar Ural and MacKinley, Alaska. The first group climbed Narodnaya mountain on 12th June, the Day of Russia. Then it came to ascension on the main mountain in the north - MacKinley. This project met strong support from Surgut mayor Alexander Sidorov. We must finish this project. To tie together two spots on the globe.
The festival “Hyperboreya” – the country of winds
“Hyperboreya” is a mythological name of northern territories. This notion is borrowed from the antique Mediterranean culture. “The country on that side of the Northern wind (Borei)” is a designation of the North per se. The ancients called its habitants “hyperboreans”. “Hyperboreans” were famous for their artistic endowments, peaceableness and high development degree of civilization.


February 15, 2008
International winter festival “Hyperboreya 2008”
May 15, 2007
Bezverkhov’s anniversary is marked by ascension on the highest Russia’s and European mountain – Elbrus volcano (5642 m)
November 20, 2006
International scientific conference “Museums in northern dimension”
October 03, 2006
“Art-Transit” exhibition in Finland
June 16, 2006
Our people on McKinley
May 11, 2006
“Taimyr cactus”
March 31, 2006
The Second International Forum of the cities of the 60th parallel
March 03, 2006
The Festival “Hyperboreya - 2006”
October 18, 2005
An agreement is completed between 60 Parallel Foundation and the Northern Forum Association
August 20, 2005
Presentation of Mansy music

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